Masterclass: Why Dru Yoga Works |



Masterclass: Why Dru Yoga Works

27 April, 2022
(Registration open till December 2025)

Dru Yoga is renowned for being 'body-mind yoga at its best', for quickly taking you to a deep sense of 'homecoming' that feels ... ah... so fulfilling. 

And our many research studies show that Dru has profound effects for healing the body, improving your emotions and mind, and even boosting your relationships and sense of purpose. 

How does it all work? And why?

Tonight Andrew will take you through the profound fundamentals that make all this possible. 

If you're new to Dru, this evening will help you make the most of your yoga and meditation practice. And if you're already teaching Dru, this evening will give you simple ways to inspire your students and help your friends and colleagues discover how Dru could improve their lives. 

We'll explore the ways that neuroscience is catching up with the yogic model of consciousness, and go on to apply key methods that harness the mighty links between consciousness, body and your greatness. 

Each of us has an innate sense underlying every action that we can make move towards a happier, more empowered and more fulfilled version of ourselves. Yet for most of us, layers of conditioning and painful experiences have dimmed our light, our hopes and our dreams. This never need be the case! Andrew aims to show you tonight how close you are already to your inner strengths. It's possible to start making progress right in a whole new way - beginning now!

Andrew Wells has helped pioneer Dru's approach to body-mind yoga throughout the world, including in war and conflict zones. His deep care and passionate enthusiasm for making our lives more enriching has made him a much-loved presenter and mentor in Dru's simple, but oh-so-effective techniques. 

You too can help transform our world by giving people the tools to transform themselves. :-)

If you are a member of the Dru Professional Network you will be able to accrue two CPD hours for attendance at this masterclass. Attendees from other yoga schools will need to check individually for their own CPD credits.


Price: £25
DPN members: £12.50 
Online Studio members: £12.50 

Please ensure you are logged into to receive the automatic discount.



Wednesday, April 27, 2022 - 19:00
avatar flowers
Retired, Swansea
The Spirituality of Yoga course was like receiving a beautiful gift.Thank you to all the tutors involved for such a wonderful experience. 
Janette Phillips Dru Yoga teacher training student testimonial
Artist, Milnthorpe

It is like coming home to a supportive caring family where the emphasis is on nurturing, growth and connection!

Clodagh Whelan avatar
Wicklow, Ireland

Spirituality of Yoga

This course has helped to build trust in Life, that everything flows in divine time for my higher good. I am learning to tune in to my energy and intuition to know the next right steps - when to take action and when to step back, have patience and let life unfold.

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