Group mentoring series - Discover the power behind the Yoga Sutras - starting 1 Sept 20

1 September, 2020
(Registration open till September 2020)

This is a series of 4 sessions studying the 4 Padas of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

In 500 BCE, Patanjali took the many scriptures on yoga for body and mind and placed them into a unified system known as the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. His aim was to enable humanity to find peace and freedom from the dictates of the monkey mind! Patanjali has been described as the greatest psychologist who ever lived. 

In this series learn how to open your heart to the essence of Patanajali’s message in a magical way using specific yoga movements with Chandra. Chandra will then reveal the extraordinary hidden depths of the Yoga Sutras and show you their path towards mastering your mind and emotions. 

Patanjali left a great legacy for humanity in his sutras. He describes the main challenges of the mind - the tricky character that we live with every moment of the day! - and how to overcome the obstacles and complexities it seems to present.

In these 4 group study mentoring sessions we will unravel the main principles in the 4 Padas, or chapters, of the sutras.  We will also study specific sutras that give deep insights into how we can change the ways of being to bring us peace of mind, depth of thinking and the experience of joyful understanding.
You will have the opportunity to put your questions forward in the Zoom chat, and Chandra will do her best to tailor the sessions to suit your needs.
Chandra Goswami is Director of Dru in Scotland, and one of Dru's most knowledgeable teachers in the wisdom of yoga philosophy. Her powerful mentorings and deep insights into the essence of yoga practice have been taught worldwide and inspired people across the globe.
Join Chandra to explore each chapter:
  • Pada 1: Experiencing the purity of oneness 
  • Pada 2: From dedicated practice to freedom
  • Pada 3: Accomplishing wisdom in action
  • Pada 4: Liberating your inner power

All sessions will be recorded. 

Live 75 min class & access to recordings

Book the full series of 4 sessions at: £90




Tuesday, September 1, 2020 - 19:00
Tuesday, October 13, 2020 - 20:15
Avatar autumn maple leaves

I not only enjoyed it, I loved it! Thank you. It really helped me to feel my core stability muscles. I'm looking forward training them ;-)

avatar dandilion head
Dru Yoga Teacher, UK

If you want to physically strengthen your body and emotionally enhance your mind, Dru Yoga will give you the tools to take into your daily life and help you cope with the stresses of modern living.

avatar calm sky and sea

Thank you, this was lovely. It was great to have your teaching in my home! Great production also - good picture, good sound, easy to fast forward and great that I could see what was happening as I fast forwarded so I knew when to stop. I also like the way Dru Online is bringing us more specific subjects like this one, that before we have only seen in the workbooks. Thank you.

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