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Dru Midlands Yoga & Health Summer Event, Keele, 2017

29 July, 2017

Skillful living in changing times

Join us for a day of practical and empowering workshops, presentations and great company.

There is only one truly constant in life - and that is the law of change.

According to the laws of nature, everything must continue to evolve and transform itself and never remain static.

We are no exception. Each one of us has to discover how to flow with the changes that life presents to us in every moment. In a world that is in a time of accelerated change, this has never been so important.

Life is always offering us opportunities to expand towards our highest potential - if we choose to see it that way. When we can ride the waves of change we discover our fulfillment as human beings, our contentment and true happiness.


Your Choice of Workshops

Please choose one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon.

From attuning to the elements to understanding how astrology can revolutionalise your yoga practice. From enlightened leadership to experiencing the power of sound for healing, there is something for everyone.  Meditation, yoga, ayurveda, relaxation, new Dru Yoga sequences.  Take your pick ……

Morning workshops

Afternoon workshops

Yoga, chakras and their connection with our solar system
with Sylvia Barrington

During this workshop we will explore our personal relationship with the sun and neighbouring planets and discover how our understanding of astrology can help direct our yoga practice to become truly tailored to our own needs.

Free the power of your voice
with Petra Opsteeg

Song and music can move us to great heights. As yogis, we tap into this power by freeing our own voice and work with specific sounds and chants to completely empower our daily lives. Using the yoga and ayurveda model, you will experience your unique sound, innate joy and fullness on all levels of your being. Everyone has a voice, so join in - no trained singing voice required.

Introduction to Ayurveda
with Janey Fitzgerald and Keith Squires

Ayurveda is often considered the sister science to yoga and is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. In this workshop, Janey Fitzgerald, a GP and Ayurvedic Practitioner and Keith Squires, author and Ayurvedic chef will introduce the foundations of Ayurveda and teach some simple but powerful daily ayurvedic practices to enhance your health and well being.

Keith will present his new book ‘Cooking with Love’.

Enlightened leadership  WORKSHOP FULL
with Orina & Nigel Murphy

We all affect other people around us which means we are all leaders. The type of leader you are is the impact you have on others. This workshop will explore the 4 energies (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) and help you develop a practical toolkit to 'be at your best' in all areas of your life. We will cover movement, meditation, mindfulness and psychology in this experiential workshop.

Balance the elements for ultimate health WORKSHOP FULL
with Monica Staniforth & Sue Cheese

In this workshop we will deepen our understanding of the 5 elements and laws of nature and discover how to access them through yoga to attain greater health, happiness and success. You will learn the new ‘Balancing the Five Elements’ Dru Yoga sequence incorporating flowing postures, pranayama, visualisation and affirmation. Enjoy our video excerpt from the Dru Online Studio which gives you a taste of the fire and water elements.

Effective yoga for back care
with Ruth Boaler

In this workshop we will explore traditional and evidence-based yogic approaches for back care. You will receive an effective programme for overcoming back pain and promoting a healthy spine, based on body-mind techniques, yoga sequences and breath work.

Prices & booking

Early bird to 15th June £70 (DPN £60)

After 15th June £80 (DPN £70)

Contact & info 

01902 409164


Saturday, July 29, 2017 - 09:30
Avatar autumn maple leaves

I not only enjoyed it, I loved it! thank you. It really helped me to feel my core stability muscles. I'm looking forward training them ;-)

avatar dandilion head
Dru Yoga Teacher, UK

If you want to physically strengthen your body and emotionally enhance your mind, Dru Yoga will give you the tools to take into your daily life and help you cope with the stresses of modern living.

avatar calm sky and sea

Thank you, this was lovely. It was great to have your teaching in my home! Great production also - good picture, good sound, easy to fast forward and great that I could see what was happening as I fast forwarded so I knew when to stop. I also like the way Dru Online is bringing us more specific subjects like this one, that before we have only seen in the workbooks. Thank you.