FREE EVENT: 3-Day Ayurveda Immersion |



FREE EVENT: 3-Day Ayurveda Immersion

21 October, 2022

Treat yourself to a nourishing immersion with the help of Ayurveda 

Experience how simple and effective Ayurvedic practices can deeply improve your health and well-being

Re-connect with your original nature of joy and vibrancy. Feel grounded, in control and full of enthusiasm.

More than just an evening event! As well as joining us live for 30 minutes each day (at 7pm BST), you will also receive supporting material for simple practices to do in the morning and evening, with guidance on how to fit it in to your day. Supporting material includes dosha questionnaire, 3-step morning routine, 2-step evening practice and checklist for the live sessions.

Come away with...

  • A 3-step morning routine to cleanse the body and set you up for the new day with powerful intention 
  • A 2-step evening routine for a deep and refreshing sleep 
  • An understanding of your unique doshic constitution, and what to do to stay in balance 
  • A simple cornerstone recipe from Ayurveda that helps with your digestion 

The power is in your hands to create lasting health. Ayurveda, after all, means the science of health and longevity!

This FREE immersion involves three 30-minute live zoom sessions.

Each session will have a different fascinating theme which will be recorded and made available to you afterwards, along with a follow-up email summarising the key practices. 

So what are you waiting for? 

Let the journey begin. Join us for a nourishing immersion into the world of Ayurveda

For more information, please email 

Shona, Annie, Andre and Aja




Friday, October 21, 2022 - 19:00
Sunday, October 23, 2022 - 19:30
avatar shoreline
The Netherlands
The Algarve retreat gave me the best gift – to finally believe in myself. I enjoyed walking on the beach every morning to watch the sunrise – to be so close to the sea was wonderful. I loved working with the Dru teachers and appreciated the mentoring sessions – I felt I let go of a lot of personal issues. Thank you!
avatar sand
Such a joy to be in the beautiful Algarve enjoying the amazing life force and energy of the place with beautiful like minded people.
Testimonial default avatar image
The Netherlands
This week was incredibly fantastic. I did not only reload my body energy and unwind my mind about any worries, but I totally felt like I had an uploaded bubble-bath!
With this experience Dru makes it much easier for me to bring the techniques into my daily life. Thank you for the amazing way you take care!

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