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Ayurveda Immersion - 5 : Cookery for balancing kapha

1 March, 2021
(Registration open till December 2030)

Cookery session for balancing Kapha

Learn to cook a beautiful kapha reducing meal in one hour.

Comprising 4 dishes, this nourishing yet light and warming menu is perfect for you and your loved ones during kapha season - that period where winter thaws into spring and with that change comes a lot of wetness, mucous and seasonal colds.

You will learn which tastes, textures, herbs and spices balance kapha dosha so that you can apply these principles to your everyday cooking, helping you to live more in accordance with the seasons for optimal vitality.

Join Aja Krystall in this session to get ready for spring time!


Replays will be available and can be found in your druyoga.com account. Log into druyoga.com and go to My Account - Webinars.

Here's a brief overview of the dates & themes for each of the 8 sessions:


Prices & Booking

Individual Webinars: £25 each

Full Immersion (8 Webinar Package): £160  (save £40!).  To book the full series @ £160 please go to: Full Immersion series

For more information
Email: katharina@druworldwide.com

For DPN Members, this course accrues 12 Personal CPD points for all 8 attended (or 1.5 per session)


Monday, March 1, 2021 - 18:30

Dru Ayurveda & Yoga workshop:- A thoroughly enjoyable day, enlightening me to how I can work on my health and happiness with minimal effort - great for a kapha type!

Avatar daffodil
Local government, Devon

Thank you so much to you and Bob and Imogen and of course Keith {Dru Yoga & Ayurveda Cookery workshop}.  I am looking forward to trying some of his recipes from his book.

I thought it was a great course. A lovely combination, especially as Keith related the doshas to different personality and behavioural traits, and that these were linked with the relevant balancing yoga sequence in the afternoon.

avatar leaf

I really enjoyed the {Dru Yoga & Ayurvedic Cookery} workshop. It had a nice balance of yoga movement, relaxation and meditation/concentration that was not too challenging for a novice like me. The cookery demonstration was great fun and the food was delicious. Also everyone was friendly and the venue was good too. Thanks for a lovely day.

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