Masterclass - Ayurveda - Let go of feeling confused and overwhelmed

4 June, 2021
(Registration open till July 2021)

Welcome to health and purpose!

How the tools from Ayurveda can help you


Join Dr Janey Fitzgerald and Nanna Coppens to find out how the tools of Ayurveda can help you.

Your true self is never harmed by anything that happens in the world, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way! When all around is chaotic and insecure, this ancient wisdom teaches us that there are always ways to reconnect with our true selves and to rediscover our inner wealth, which sustains us through all the challenges that come our way.

Janey and Nanna will share knowledge about the five pathways we work with in Dru Ayurveda that take us back to that source. You’ll leave with some simple tools to help you get started, or to take up where you left off. We’ll focus particularly on short practical techniques you can integrate into your life straightaway, creating a helpful and satisfying rhythm for your life. If you’re a yoga teacher, this wisdom will enhance your teaching.

Then on our Ayurveda Foundation course, we’ll take you deeper into the five pathways of Dru Ayurveda and help you to apply them in your life, and in the lives of your family and friends.

The five pathways are

  • lifestyle

  • food and diet 

  • yoga, pranayama and meditation 

  • herbs

  • massage

Price: £20

£10.00  for DPN members & Dru Yoga Online Studio members - please ensure you are logged into to receive the automatic discount


Friday, June 4, 2021 - 19:00
The Spirituality of Yoga course was very thought provoking and helpful. I think this will help me a lot as a teacher and also with my personal yoga practice 
avatar flowers
Isle of Wight
My visit to Dru yoga has helped me grow
How to live my life and how to know 
A simple act of caring and kindness can create an endless ripple
With goodness, well meaning and sincere feelings
A full heart for sharing and how to be more caring
Now more awake with my eyes wide open
It's helped a part of me which has lain dormant 
It's been hidden because of life's torments
Looking at things now with new expectations
I can offer more value to my friends and relations
A happier and more contented person inside 
Dru has helped provide me with some expertise
How to live life to the full, enriched and at peace
Poem from the Dru Yoga teacher training. 
GP receptionist & yoga teacher, Rushden, Northants

I enjoyed the sequences and the meditation before lunch. I enjoyed the afternoon sequence, tree flow and meditation.

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