Live Dru Yoga classes with Christiane |



Live Dru Yoga classes with Christiane

9 February, 2023
(Registration open till December 2026)

Be colourful
Be courageous
Be happy
Choose health
Believe that you can
... And come to yoga!

In this set of 3 classes senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer Christiane Saar will teach you ancient yoga postures and dynamic sequences which improve your spinal health, work on the major muscle groups and brings you vitality and energy. So you can be the best you can be, knowing and finding the real value in who you are! 

Move, breathe, be.. in this moment NOW. 
This moment has been carved out for YOU in the whole of human history. THIS is a new beginning, a new moment.
Make it count. Let your yoga take you there.


This class is suitable for all levels and everyone who loves yoga!

We look forward to seeing you! :)


If you are a member of the Dru Professional Network you will be able to accrue three CPD hours for attendance at this yoga class (1hr per class). Attendees from other yoga schools will need to check individually for their own CPD credits.

Price: £27
3 classes: Thurs 26th Jan, 2nd & 9th Feb
Times: 19.00 - 20.15 UK time

Live-streamed on Zoom and
Face-to-face at the Dru centre in Snowdonia

Can't make it live? No problem. Replays will be available after the class in your account. 
The first 2 classes were live on 26th Jan and 2nd Feb and will be available to you as a replay once you book.

Make sure you give yourself a clear, uninterrupted space for the duration of this class. You deserve it!



Thursday, February 9, 2023 - 19:00
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With regard to The Spirituality of Yoga Course, I enjoyed having several tutors each giving a unique session influenced by their personal experiences,it felt so genuine coming from the heart.
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Photographer, Hebden Bridge
If you want to press stop, feel more gratitude, give more and open your heart to a bright and happy existence, the DYTT is a place to make a start. Be inspired, work hard and make it happen
Jordan Scotney, Dru Yoga student and musician
Dru Yoga teacher and musician

Dru Yoga has positively changed my life in all areas. I used to have some sort of block, a kind of disconnect with life. Now everything just flows and I can connect with life on a deeper level.

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