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Purushotama Yoga 2 – Attuning to Universal Love

9 October, 2022
(Registration open till December 2025)
This is a two part series with Annie Jones and Anouschka Dack. Book on this page for session two.


Ever wondered how to apply ancient philosophy to your every day life? The Bhagavad Gita (the song Divine) is an ancient scripture with deeply applicable themes that help us to make sense of our modern world.

In these two live zoom sessions, with Annie Jones and Anouschka Dack, we will be exploring the beauty and power of Chapter 15. These verses describe the sacred Ashwatta tree (fig tree) known as the ‘Cosmic World Tree'. This unique metaphor is said to reveal the mystery of the supreme Spirit.

The chanting of this chapter also brings health and healing through the understanding of Purushotam yoga, the 8 fold path.


Learn how to interpret and then create a highly practical approach to applying the wisdom of the 8-fold path and the sacred tree to your every day life.


If you are a member of the Dru Professional Network you will be able to accrue 1 CPD hour for attendance at this event. Attendees from other yoga schools will need to check individually for their own CPD credits.


Session 2: October 9th 2022 

Continuing to look at the 8-fold path of Purushotam Yoga, we will explore how the heart is the gateway to revealing your dharma and how it can help you to hear your own song divine. We will choose certain verses from Chapter 15 that will remind you of the power of love to overcome all challenges in life.

We will share a powerful meditation practice with the Hrit Shakti kriya, using mudras to awaken the divine principle that lives in everything. This practice is aimed at harnessing the cosmic consciousness that links us to all things. Ultimately, we will remind each other of the power of love. Awaken your innate cosmic power.


Session 2: Sunday 9th October 2022

Time: 6.30-7.30-pm
Price: £25




Sunday, October 9, 2022 - 18:30
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The Netherlands
The Algarve retreat touched me deeply, from the inspiring sessions, yoga, meditation, walks and the wonderful friends I made. I felt connected to a new beginning and a clear path opened up to follow through this year and beyond
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The Netherlands
The Algarve retreat gave me the best gift – to finally believe in myself. I enjoyed walking on the beach every morning to watch the sunrise – to be so close to the sea was wonderful. I loved working with the Dru teachers and appreciated the mentoring sessions – I felt I let go of a lot of personal issues. Thank you!
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The Netherlands
This week was incredibly fantastic. I did not only reload my body energy and unwind my mind about any worries, but I totally felt like I had an uploaded bubble-bath!
With this experience Dru makes it much easier for me to bring the techniques into my daily life. Thank you for the amazing way you take care!

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