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Spirituality of Yoga, Scotland 2022

23 April, 2022

Yoga is so much more than postures, pranayama and meditation. It was developed as a journey for liberation, to fully explore the greatness of who you are. It’s a path to freedom beyond your limitations, aches and pains and self-doubt. It’s a way of transformation – so you can become the very best and strongest version of yourself, and heal the planet!

At the very heart of the yoga tradition is its spirituality. These ancient spiritual practices have been developed and refined over thousands of years, and these ancient secrets are now available to you in this 21-day journey of transformation.

After the huge interest in this course in May 2020, we are offering it in Scotland as a face to face. This course will enable you to join the next remarkable stage of the Spirituality of Yoga course.

Here's what you will learn:

  • To design your spiritual practice so that it's personally aligned for you, for your state of mind, body and emotions right now
  • How to deepen your understanding of key yoga postures and sequences using them as a remarkable lens for activating your spiritual awakening
  • How to connect to nature and the elements and recognise how when you balance your inner environment, you can heal the planet
  • The subtle energetics of transmitting spiritual energy without losing your inner power
  • To discover the spiritual guardians of yoga and meditation and how you can work with them daily in a sacred ritual (puja) to connect you with your highest self
  • How to manage the energetics of groups to bring a magical feeling of resonance and connectedness. Whether you're a teacher, coach, parent or leader, you'll be able to apply these principles whether working in person or virtually - the energetics are still the same!
  • How to keep the chakras awakened with advanced meditations which include the mystical hrit chakra
  • To explore the sacred texts of India including the Gita and how to use them daily for guidance and inspiration

How long is it?

This is a three-day course spread over 3 weeks, which we will deliver face to face. It will include 3 days of talks, meditations and interactive sessions, with 2 group tutorials in between to help you connect more personally with your tutors and other like-minded friends from the course. 

Who is it for?

We created this course for people serious about developing spiritually, who want to explore the vast depth behind the practice of yoga and meditation. We'd love you to be committed to your spirituality and have a daily practice and an open mind! Many of the people on this course will be yoga or meditation teachers, but you are welcome if you feel that spirituality is important to you and you’d like to progress on your spiritual journey.

Practical details

3 in-depth sessions plus 2 group tutorials as part of a dedicated community

Each day you'll have in-person live advanced sessions with your tutors, sharing practices, lectures and meditations to awaken your deep spirituality. Approximate timing for the days will be from 10.30 -16.30. These form a graduated training curriculum that gives you time to deeply anchor what you have learned each week.

Proposed Timetable:

Saturday 23 April:  Immersion teaching sessions with senior tutors

Sunday 24 April: Immersion teaching sessions with senior tutors

Zoom tutorial group*
Sunday 15 May:  Immersion teaching sessions with senior tutors

Zoom tutorial group*

* Details re tutorials TBC

Really hoping you can join us on this spiritual adventure.

CPD: 12 professional points for Dru Yoga teachers, 4 professional points for Dru Meditation teachers and 4 personal development points


Prices and booking

This course is £295 (or £265 for DPN members)


Stirling Court Hotel, University of Stirling, FK9 4LA


Saturday, April 23, 2022 - 10:30
Sunday, May 15, 2022 - 16:30
Avatar autumn maple leaves
Therapist and Dru Yoga teacher, Richmond, UK
This course has taken EBR 1 to a completely different level of understanding alignment of the energy centres. The deep relaxation techniques and sitting techniques will be beneficial to my students in preparation for meditation. The stories are really inspiring.
I took the Dru Meditation online course for my personal development and have found it easier to include meditation into my daily yoga practice now. I have so enjoyed it that I would like to take the Meditation teacher training course.
Dental hygienist, Woodbury, Devon

What I'll take from today's yoga postgrad workshop:- A desire to now train as a Dru Yoga teacher, to complement and grow my original BWY teaching qualification. After 19 years, time to open the door to new and fresh stimulation to continue to grow on my yoga path.

Alison Hayward headshot
Local Government, Devon

A wonderful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Taking time out from busy schedules and just pausing to take care of myself and be in the moment. I feel very calm and centred.

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