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Embrace your Breath, Empower Your Self

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23 April, 2023

Breath is the one thing we can learn to control in a positive and balanced way. There are many yogic techniques that use the breath to energise or calm, awaken or cool us down or simply to bring harmony. 

In this Dru workshop we shall start with some simple yoga in both a dynamic and relaxing way, to create vitality in body and breath. 

We shall then explore two very unique and powerful breath techniques to bring strength, stability and clarity. 

You’ll experience the potent benefits through feeling rejuvenated, anchored and a clarity of mind. 

We shall also explore the Dru Yoga Training course as part of the workshop.  

This workshop is open to both beginners and those experienced in yogic practices.


Prices and booking

Date:  Sunday, 23rd April 2023
Time:  1pm - 4pm

Location: Trinity Parish Church, 98 Union Street, Larkhall, ML9 1EF

Price: £35

Please use the Book Now button to book your place!

For further information please contact us at Dru Scotland
Email: scotland@druworldwide.com


Sunday, April 23, 2023 - 13:00
Avatar blue sky and cloud
Dru Yoga teacher, Totnes, Devon, UK

 A very heart-based workshop - I feel full of gratitude, happiness, wonder and wisdom

Clodagh Whelan avatar
Wicklow, Ireland

Spirituality of Yoga

This course has helped to build trust in Life, that everything flows in divine time for my higher good. I am learning to tune in to my energy and intuition to know the next right steps - when to take action and when to step back, have patience and let life unfold.

Kathy Hutchings DYTTSW student
Kelly Bray, Cornwall

I am just working on the spine assignment. Apart from really enjoying all the research and information, I had to smile, because whilst writing about the spine and common back problems I have discomfort in my back (chronic) and sitting in one position, not as relaxed as I would like, is aggravating it. I have been taking frequent breaks, doing the Dru stretches, tri spinal release, marjariasana, bringing my knees up and rocking my spine which I love, standing forward bend and squats and when I finish studying each day I do a long relaxation. I have been drinking lots of water as well. I love the fact I have the tools from the Dru to help myself and have the chance to put it all into practice. It's all made such a difference to my back, neck and rest of my body. From a happy yoga student! 

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