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Sunday Morning Meditation

9 October, 2022
(Registration open till October 2022)

Join us for a Sunday morning meditation to start your day with a fresh mind and a warm heart. 

This session will help you to experience why the heart, connection with others & clearing the mind is so beneficial to our overall sense of well-being and particularly our brain health. 

In this session you will learn:

  • Experience the 'Shanti Prana' Dru Meditation technique
  • Why connecting with the heart can change our whole day
  • Understand two of the most important qualities for spiritual growth 
  • Why our meditation practice can change the lives of those around us 

We really look forward to welcoming you to this session where together we will make a difference to ourselves and the world, through our meditation practice :-) 

Prices & Booking

Date:  Sunday 9th October 2022
Time:  10.30am – 11.30am
Price: £10.00

Please use the Book Now button to book your place. 

For further information please contact us at Dru Midlands. 

Mob:  07721 202 016




Sunday, October 9, 2022 - 10:30
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Retired, Devon

Well prepared. Well thought out. The sharing of tasks between Imogen and Anne went well. Lovely people.

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Retired social worker, yoga teacher and counsellor

What I'll take from this postgrad yoga workshop today:- integration of movement and emotions and the affirmations.  Also developing asana work at a different pace.

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Retired, Ivybridge, Devon, UK

The workshop was warm, friendly, very interesting and mind altering. It was all inclusive, encouraging and well put together.

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