Surya Tattva - 16 Oct 2021 |



Surya Tattva - 16 Oct 2021

16 October, 2021

Surya, the archetype of radiance, light and selfless giving, has long been a source of inspiration across many ancient cultures. In this ongoing series of group mentorings, Annie and Anouschka will guide you through a powerful formula of yogic techniques to help you to capture and harness the qualities of the sun and learn to embody them in your day-to-day life.


Session 2 - The Secrets of Surya Namaskara

In the second session of this series, we will be exploring Surya Namaskara. It is well known throughout the world as a posture based flow that can be done fast and dynamic, slow and strong or combined with other postures to add a bit of spice and variation. We will be exploring how using the keys of Dru Yoga in the sun sequence we can activate and enhance the energy flow and awareness through the chakras as well as empower each kosha. Wow! There's a lot to cover!

If you've ever wanted to deeply understand Surya Namaskara, why to do it and how to come to love it as the panacea of all physical, mental and emotional issues - then this is the session for you!


This session will be live and interactive on Zoom. We will also be giving you guidance on how to continue working with the practices we share to really benefit you at a deep and profound level over the coming weeks. Want to catch up on session one? Email for more info.

Over this series you will:

  • Become radiant, joyful and passionate about your life
  • Learn the secret to empowered giving
  • Discover ancient rituals to honour the sun
  • Master the power of time
  • Feel physically more dynamic, energised and full of vitality
  • and much, much more...

On Saturday 16th October we continue this new series of one hour mentorings to explore the incredible potential of the sun.
Dates for the rest of the sessions are to be released soon.


Live 60 min class session

Price: £25



Saturday, October 16, 2021 - 11:00

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