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Vegan Cookery Webinar Replay - How To Cook a Complete Plant-based Christmas Dinner

1 December, 2020

Welcome to Keith’s Magic Kitchen!

Join us for this wonderfully entertaining cookery webinar.

With veganism going practically mainstream it's more than likely there’ll be a vegan or vegetarian at your dinner table on Christmas Day. It’s hard enough already organising the oven and cooker space, never mind everybody's personal likes and dislikes. When you also factor in wheat, egg or dairy intolerances how will you cope?

  • Will you have to create 2 totally separate dinners?
  • Will you get quizzed on the ingredients by your cousin’s vegan children?
  • Will grandma be outraged by the vegan sausage rolls?

The Great News...

No longer are processed ready-meals your only option for a main dish. Treat yourself to a delicious, freshly cooked, natural and nutritious vegan meal that every single member of the family will want to enjoy. In this webinar, celebrity plant-based chef Keith Squires will take you through step-by-step recipes with tips and instructions for a totally delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner. A one-stop event with everything you need—from an initial shopping list to final garnish.

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The Step-By-Step recipes will include:

  • Delicious Brussel Sprouts that even children enjoy
  • 2-in-1 Easy Vegan Nut Roast & Stuffing
  • 3-in-1 Lentil Roast  My high protein recipe that can also be a turned into a soup or a delicious pate.
  • Best Ever Gravy  Colourful, tasty and filled with vegetables.
  • 'Roast' Potatoes ...that you can cook in a pan, saving you oven space.
  • Raw, Sugar-free, Gluten-free, Multi-Coloured Vegan Christmas Pudding


  • How to make colourful Christmas vegetables that are so attractive they'll become a main dish.
  • Conversation guide for a feel good and peaceful Christmas lunch.

You can replay this webinar afterwards anytime to make sure you have the perfect Christmas Dinner.

Video Replay: £12

Any questions email Samia Squires on:

Your host will be Keith Squires. As seen on:


Tuesday, December 1, 2020 - 19:00
Sunday, December 23, 2029 - 20:00
avatar flowers
Teacher, Cornwall

We had a really great day yesterday.  The mixture of yoga, relaxation, cooking demonstrations and eating was just right.  It has left me wanting to know more about doshas and how yoga and food can balance someone.  We also loved the partner poses, beautiful and fun.

avatar butterfly on clover
Retired photographer, Totnes, Devon

Dru Ayurveda & Yoga workshop:- A magical mixture!  Treat yourself - heal yourself naturally.

Avatar daffodil
Local government, Devon

Thank you so much to you and Bob and Imogen and of course Keith {Dru Yoga & Ayurveda Cookery workshop}.  I am looking forward to trying some of his recipes from his book.

I thought it was a great course. A lovely combination, especially as Keith related the doshas to different personality and behavioural traits, and that these were linked with the relevant balancing yoga sequence in the afternoon.

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