Live Dru Yoga Class with Christiane - 25-06-2020 |



Live Dru Yoga Class with Christiane - 25-06-2020

25 June, 2020
(Registration open till July 2020)

We will continue to work with exercises that open and strengthen the hips, in order to support your back in the best possible way. Our hips are designed to carry the weight of our body, but if they're not strong and flexible enough the back tries to take over some of their functions. This can create problems, such as back pain, or it can affect the knees and ankles.

Flexible hips allow your body to move more efficiently, thus alleviating the risk of arthritis in the hip joints. They help you to flow with life freely whilst standing and walking confidently on the earth, moving forward with direction and purpose. 


Price: £6 (£3 for Dru Yoga Online Studio & DPN members)

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Replays will be available for about 6 days, at the link you were emailed to watch the class.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020 - 19:00
(16), Saltash
The Dru Youth yoga retreats have been incredibly helpful to me. It has given me an amazing group of close friends and many techniques that I can easily use in my everyday life to feel calm
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Yoga teacher, Galmton, Devon, UK

The workshop was very friendly and welcoming. Good combination of gentle flows and more challenging movements. I really enjoyed it - learnt some new movements and enjoyed the sequences.

avatar dandilion head
Estate agent, Plymouth, Devon, UK

I really enjoyed being amongst like-minded yogis. I enjoyed the moving posture work as it's not often I do postures I tend to do EBR[s or sequence work. I enjoyed the sequence this afternoon. I absolutely love all of these workshops and they keep me connected, both with new yogis and in my own body and mind. There was. very good mix of exercises, things to think bout and contributing verbally.

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