Deep Dive Sadhana Intensive - Meditation, Walking & Pranayama - in Snowdonia |



Deep Dive Sadhana Intensive - Meditation, Walking & Pranayama - in Snowdonia

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15 June, 2023

Welcome to a deep dive into your personal spiritual, yoga or meditation practice. Specially crafted for Dru's advanced students as well as anyone who has an established meditation practice, this weekend will give you space to... profoundly be within yourself. 

Your Sadhana - your personal spiritual or self-transformational practice - is like a compass guiding you across the ocean of life. And it's more! It also gives you delicious foretaste of your goal, a motivation to carry on your path. 

We'll be helping you get in touch with the aspects of your current sadhana, that your soul-force - your very essence - is pointing you towards. Rather than teaching you a host of new techniques, we'll be helping you discover how to use what you already know to bring you the most profound experience. Imagine being in exquisite resonance with a whole group of people, all meditating together, yet all harnessing their own unique sadhana in their own unique way. We are going to have an incredible time together! 

We'll be meditating amidst nature's breath-taking beauty in Eryri - Snowdonia:

  • Dive deeply into a place of incredible stillness and resonance, with like-minded people.
  • Fall in love again with your meditation practice and your inner teacher.
  • Discover how to become intensely connected to and part of nature.
  • Discover which practices from your sadhana are resonating with your inner essence. 
  • Consolidate what you know and take your sadhana deeper than you've ever taken it before.
  • Learn skillful sadhana-crafting to suit your current state - happy, dull, excited, sad, content, stressed, anxious, annoyed or... these are all energies to transform into fullness and potential!
  • Feel deeply nourished by nature, connected to your practice, your purpose and who you really are

Accommodation, food, as well as sharing travel or accommodation

Lunch, a light supper, tea and coffee are included.
Bed and breakfast are not included - we will provide a list of local accommodation of varying types from hotels to bunk houses.

Please connect with us if you need help finding accommodation or if you would like to explore getting to know other participants by sharing travel or accommodation with them. 

15-18 June 2023

3 days of tuition, ongoing access to recordings, as well as lunch, simple supper and tea & coffee, as well as walks in our stunning scenery.

Choose from these payment options: 

1. Standard: £450
2. DPN: £415 

This is a non-residential retreat, so please book your accommodation separately. See 'Accommodation Options' below.

16 CPD Points

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Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 16:00
Sunday, June 18, 2023 - 14:00
Yvonne Radcliffe, staff nurse, Port Talbot
Staff Nurse, Port Talbot

I learned so much in my first module of the teacher training about Dru Yoga. I love the graceful, flowing movements and the way my body feels after a Dru yoga session. It is very different from any other style of yoga I have ever done. Your body feels more flexible and energised and your mind feels calm and relaxed. I loved every aspect of the course. It was well delivered with a good mix of theory and practical sessions each day. The books given as part of the course are excellent.

avatar butterfly on clover
I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone involved.  The community that every single one of you has contributed to is really special and I feel will move forward and do great things.  Thank you to those who shared your guidance and experience, and thank you to those who brought them tea while they were doing it and those that cleaned the rooms before and after.  I am very excited to move forward and develop xx
avatar butterfly on clover
Retired photographer, Totnes, Devon

Dru Ayurveda & Yoga workshop:- A magical mixture!  Treat yourself - heal yourself naturally.

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