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Live EVENING Try Out: Yoga Therapy Training

28 July, 2022

Want to find out if the Dru Yoga Therapy Diploma Course is for you? 

If you would prefer an in-depth exploration and personal attention, then look no further.

This Try Out is all about YOU!

These enjoyable and informative Try Outs are the ideal introduction to all aspects of the Dru Yoga Therapy Diploma Course. In addition, they are designed to provide a 1-to-1 tailored experience with our senior Yoga Therapy trainers.

This live, highly interactive zoom Dru Yoga Therapy session and Q&A with the Dru Yoga Therapy teaching team – Sylvia Barrington, Nanna Coppens and Dr Janey Fitzgerald will give you a great overview of the Dru Yoga Therapy Course.

This cutting-edge course brings together ancient wisdom and modern complementary medicine enabling you to:
•    deepen your knowledge of yoga as a therapy
•    assist your clients with a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions
•    establish your own clinic working with small groups and individuals liaising with health professionals to ensure optimum care for your clients.

The Dru Yoga Therapy Diploma Course consists of a total of 600 hours of training:
•    300 contact hours: in-person
•    300 non-contact hours: includes home study, case studies and clinical practice.    

Why not come and try it?
Dru Yoga Therapy might be the next step for you!

Prices & Booking

Date:  28th July 2022
Time:  7.00pm – 8.30pm
Investment: £4.99

Please use the Book Now button to book your place and a senior tutor will contact you prior to the Try Out day to discuss the session.

For further information please contact Avril Woodward


Thursday, July 28, 2022 - 19:00
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Dru Teacher, Bristol

Participating in the course has helped me to go deeper and experience things about myself that I have not experienced before. It brought up emotions and has enabled me to find tools that help me to deal with them. I am a lot more confident in everything I do; I feel comfortable with myself, my life and now find that I am able to deal with everything which comes my way. My language has developed and I now feel confident to use words to try and take my students into experiencing all kosha levels.

The Power To Live Your Dreams

I have never thought that these plans worked that is , until now. I have been so motivated and inspired by this programme that I really feel I have been guided here at this time. Thank you.

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Retired, Honiton, Devon

If you want to feel better physically, mentally and spiritually, try Dru Yoga!

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