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Vata Pacifying Yoga (Try Out for Yoga Teacher Training)

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17 September, 2022

Come to The Light Centre (Belgravia) and find out if the Dru Yoga teacher training course (starting in London in Nov 2022)  is for you while enjoying a nurturing session of Dru Yoga. 

This themed try out aims to give you techniques to calm the body and mind. It's no wonder that many of the imbalances on the rise in our society today are caused by an aggravated Vata Dosha - anxiety, insomnia and other sleeping problems, fatigue, gas and bloating - when you understand that so many of the behaviours normalised in today's world are actually Vata increasing. Any travel, especially long-haul flights; any use of technology as it directly affects our nervous system; doing things on the go; living a fast paced life; not being out in nature at least once a day. Yoga, meditation and pranayama are very effective when it comes to restoring balance in the bodily systems, and through Dru techniques we'll be teaching you how to maintain your inner tranquility, especially as we head into autumn which is the vata time of year!

If you would prefer an in-depth exploration and personal attention then look no further.

This Try Out is all about YOU!

These enjoyable and fascinating Try Outs are the ideal introduction to all aspects of Dru Yoga and the course. We deliberately keep the numbers very low so you can get that 1-to-1 tailored experience with our senior teacher trainers.

This highly interactive Dru Yoga session and Q&A with teacher trainer Shona Sutherland will give you a great overview of the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Experience Dru Yoga, ask questions, meet like-minded people and get a real feel for the course. 

This fantastic 200-hour course spreads over 12 months and is also a powerful self-development programme.     

Come and explore some of the aspects of the course. 

  • Activations  
  • Postures & alignment
  • Flowing, dynamic sequences   
  • The art of deep relaxation
  • Pranayama – the science of breath    
  • Meditation
  • Anatomy & Physiology     
  • Yogic Philosophy
  • Course structure & payment plans
  • Home study programme.

Interested? Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Find out about the new Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course here

We look forward to meeting you soon!

Prices & Booking

Date:  17th September 2022
Time:  15.00 – 17:00

Location: The Light Centre Belgravia - 9 Eccleston St, London SW1W 9LX

Price: £20  

Please use the Book Now button to book your place and a senior tutor will contact you prior to the Try Out day to discuss the session.

For further information please contact us at Dru London
Mob:  01372 725 327


Saturday, September 17, 2022 - 15:00
Lawrence Stroud Dru Yoga teacher training student testimonial
Japanese Accupuncturist, Whitby

Firstly, what a professional bunch you all are there at Dru! The love, enthusiasm and dedication put in by the tutors and support staff was hugely impressive - never in 50 years have I been on such a good, well done, well thought out course with such enthusiastic and caring people - you make me realise how bad a lot of the courses I have been on were! A hugely liberating and affirming life experience- the air almost crackled with the positive energy of the tutors, support staff and students. I felt a foot taller, twenty years younger and brimming with energy!!

avatar leaf
Physiotherapist, Guisborough
It is opening my eyes to the world around me. I feel as though I’m no longer sleep walking through my life
IT Consultant, High Wycomb

The training is about so much more than the asanas, it is very holistic. The pace is at the right level, every asana is refreshed so you get the opporunity to learn how to do it correctly.

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