Upskill Your Yoga Business - Session 1: Find Your Niche |



Upskill Your Yoga Business - Session 1: Find Your Niche

6 July, 2022

Upskill Your Yoga Business Summer School

Session 1: Finding your Niche and Creating your Master Action Plan

How do you go about manifesting the yoga, meditation or health coaching business of your dreams? We'll guide you into an interactive experience of discovery—of the most important person in your life: YOU!

We will also share with you some of our top tips for visioning and goal-setting.
•    Find your niche.

•    Discover your greatest 'Why'
•    Design yourself for success.


CPD - yoga professional points 1.5

CPD - meditation professional points 1.5

Wednesday 6 July 2022


Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm
(final date and time may vary slightly)

Normal: £39 
Full DPN members: £24

Live event, with ongoing access to recordings



Wednesday, July 6, 2022 - 19:00
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Physiotherapist, Guisborough
It is opening my eyes to the world around me. I feel as though I’m no longer sleep walking through my life
Nikki Martin Dru Yoga teacher training student
Nurse, Truro, Cornwall, UK

I enjoyed the waves of peace relaxation; lovely! Loved the kosha talk and flowing tree  and pear tree. Loved the kosha talk and flowing tree and pear tree! The opportunity simply to 'be' in a class, rather than analysing and reflecting on teaching style, alignment points etc. The workshop was enjoyable, relaxed and designed to nurture us!

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Precision Reflexologist, Axminster, Devon

Dru Yoga is suitable for all.  It has lovely flowing movements that make you feel you are truly in tune with your body and mind.  It leaves you feeling relaxed but vital, and fully aware of yourself.

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