Upskill Your Business - Session 2: Build Your Income with an Optimised Online Presence |



Upskill Your Business - Session 2: Build Your Income with an Optimised Online Presence

2 August, 2022
(Registration open till August 2024)

Upskill Your Yoga Business Summer School

Session 2: Building Your Audience Online.
This Masterclass will help you discover how to connect with people and build an income that leaves you free! It will teach you the principles you need to optimise your online presence, build up a tribe of raving fans based on what your passions are, and create income and opportunities for yourself by offering solutions to problems you can expertly help with.

It's frustrating trying to constantly keep up with the latest online trends and not knowing where to start. We can offer guidance that is right for you.

We'll be guiding you through the principles we have found effective, particularly focused on the latest best online practices—including social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. 

Let us show you how to create a social media presence that is professional, personal and brilliant—with a proven, step-by-step approach that takes away all the stress, worry and frustration of social media.

  • Presenting yourself as you are, authentic and real.
  • Creating an offering that is desirable and profitable.
  • Presenting a consistent image to the world.
  • Generating excellent content, copywriting, pictures and design templates.
  • Getting started with your social media accounts—the beginner's guide.
  • Identifying your niche and building your tribe - finding the people who are the most interested in your offering.

If you are a member of the Dru Professional Network you will be able to accrue 1.5 CPD hours for attendance at this session. Attendees from other yoga schools will need to check individually for their own CPD credits.

Tuesday 2nd August 2022

Time: 7.00pm - 8.30pm

Normal: £39 
Full DPN members: £24

Live event, with ongoing access to recordings


Tuesday, August 2, 2022 - 19:00
Teacher, Leeds
Ayurveda Retreat
Thanks so much for such a wonderful weekend. I really enjoyed connecting with you all again.
I know a lot about the topics discussed but hearing them spoken about with such passion by a group of experts really helped to clarify a number of points I was not completely sure about. I found it very motivating and gave me a greater understanding of why I need to do certain practices. I do most of the practices already so I don't really need to add anything. I would like to know more about the herbs that might be useful for me specifically but I would need a personal consultation for that. 
Thank you for such an information packed and motivating weekend. I am looking forward to looking all the materials in the course. 
Avatar daffodil
Local government, Devon

Thank you so much to you and Bob and Imogen and of course Keith {Dru Yoga & Ayurveda Cookery workshop}.  I am looking forward to trying some of his recipes from his book.

I thought it was a great course. A lovely combination, especially as Keith related the doshas to different personality and behavioural traits, and that these were linked with the relevant balancing yoga sequence in the afternoon.

Pilates and Dru Yoga teacher, Isle of Wight
This Spirituality of Yoga has been an amazing experience for me, it has brought me back to my authentic self, helped me to realise that I need connection with nature (even when it's raining!) I have found such a sense of calmness and groundness, with the meditation practice, discovered that I need to value and trust myself.  I know this is just the beginning of my journey and still have a lot to learn, but so looking forward to the ongoing journey with the support and encouragement of the wonderful Dru team!

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