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'Upskill Your Yoga Business' Summer School 2022

6 July, 2022

Upskill Your Yoga Business—Summer School

Learn how to optimise social media, community building, and attract your success. In these three special sessions, we introduce you to the many methods we've found that help create a successful business so you can make a living doing what you love.  

  • Session 1: Finding your Niche and Creating your Master Action Plan
    Wednesday 6 July 2022 @7.00pm-8.30pm

    How do you go about manifesting the yoga, meditation or health coaching business of your dreams? We'll guide you into an interactive experience of discovery—of the most important person in your life: YOU!
    We will also share with you some of our top tips for visioning and goal-setting.
    •    Find your niche.

    •    Discover your greatest 'Why'
    •    Design yourself for success.
  • Session 2: Building Your Audience on Social Media
    Tuesday 7 August 2022 @7.00pm-8.30pm

    Now we come to the magic part - optimising your online presence and profiles so people find you and start coming to your events.
    We'll be guiding you through the principles we have found effective, particularly focused on latest best practices on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.
    • Getting started with your social media accounts—the beginner's guide.
    • Creating an enticing appearance and presenting yourself as you are, authentic and real... 
      ... and discovering that your offerings are in fact desirable and attractive!
    • How to stay consistent.
    • How to generate excellent content, finding superb pictures and design templates.
    • Building your tribe - finding the people who are interested in your offering.
    • We'll be showing you yoga and meditation techniques along the way to keep you on top of your game while doing all of this!
  • Session 3 - Create a Supportive Class Environment, Run Workshops to Meet Their Needs
    Wednesday 31 August 2022 @7.00pm-8.30pm

    A Dru teacher's unique attraction is their ability to create superbly supportive environments. So your students, and clients experience warmth, connectedness, support and friendships. All much needed in our fractured world!
    This class helps you capitalise on your training in this special field.
    • Enhance your presentation skills for harnessing the actual prana of connectedness - prana vayu.
    • Practical skills and insights to make this easy.
    • Ways to communicate the practical advantages of your supportive group environment.

You'll also explore how to run well-crafted workshops that meet the needs of people in your area:

  • Discover a generic timetable that makes any session meet the needs of your participants.
  • Use the laws of group engagement to bring connection and strength between your participants.
  • Sample templates for topics that are likely to be useful in your area.

For those of you who are a little more experienced in running your yoga business, you'll get some great new ideas and techniques as well as being a helpful refresher to help get you up to date and motivated. 

Dates & times (may change slightly)

  • Wednesday 6 July 2022 @7.00pm-8.30pm
  • Tuesday 7 August 2022 @7.00pm-8.30pm
  • Wednesday 31 August 2022 @7.00pm-8.30pm


  • Normal: £105
  • Full DPN members: £65

Live hosted and presented, with ongoing access to recordings


Wednesday, July 6, 2022 - 19:00
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 - 20:30
GP receptionist & yoga teacher, Rushden, Northants

I enjoyed the sequences and the meditation before lunch. I enjoyed the afternoon sequence, tree flow and meditation.

Avatar autumn leaves maple 142 square
Dru Yoga Teacher

Ayurveda Retreat

Booking myself on to the Dru Ayurvedic Weekend Retreat is one of the best spontaneous decisions I’ve made in a while. I have a reputation for leaving things until the last minute, in this case I booked my place just an hour before it began! I guess that’s one of the benefits of an online course - I didn’t have to physically get there, just make sure I was out of my PJs before the Zoom meeting went live!!! 
After a few weeks of lockdown and spending perhaps a little too much time reading and watching the news, this online retreat gave me a much needed boost of positivity. It was wonderful to connect with all the other people who were attending, to see so many smiling faces, some new and some familiar. 
The content of the course was superbly presented - a good balance of ‘live’ face to face information sharing, question and answer sessions, some ‘live’ yoga, meditation and chanting and then a series of pre recorded videos to watch. We were given plenty of short breaks throughout the day and a nice long lunch break, time to eat, read our notes, watch the videos and get outside for some fresh air.
Alongside the Zoom live video there was excellent support for anyone with technical problems, via the chat box, email or telephone. The chat was also a place to ask questions and share information.
The Dru Team did a great job of putting this weekend retreat together and I wouldn’t hesitate in joining them for another online course in the future. Obviously if I had the choice I’d prefer to be there in person, but this really is a great alternative until we can do that. 
avatar calm sky and sea
yoga teacher, Hampshire

What I'll take away from today's postgrad workshop:- sharing with other yoga teachers from other yoga schools of yoga. Great explanation of the koshas and I'll add Salutation to the 4 Directions to my lessons.

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