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Front cover of The Wisdom of Yoga

Stephen Cope

Tongue Scraper, copper

Made from 100% pure copper.
Tongue scraping promotes good oral and digestive health as well as removing bacteria and toxins responsible for periodontal problems.

stainless steel tongue scraper

Dru Yoga's Total Body Workout DVD will remove your stress, trim your weight and leave you feeling on top of the world! Filmed on Australia's glorious New South Wales coast, this hour long dvd takes you through a Dru Yoga class designed to regulate your metabolism, give you an aerobic workout, clear your stress and create deep relaxation.

Yoga Class - Total health EBR 2
Traya's Quest

Paulette Agnew


Trifala powder supports normal bowel function and can be used as part of a regular detox programme, for example with Detox Tea and Turmeric.

Tulsi, Ram mala (108 beads)
Yoga Music - Vayu CD

Jolanda Jonker and Joris Vincken

This relaxation music CD is perfect for meditation or for yoga teachers wanting soothing music for their yoga lessons. Melodic flute music enables you to relax and let go of stress and worries.


Give the gift of peace to your love ones and friends by using World Peace Flame cards as your Christmas cards. You will not only give a very special message of light to those you care for but you will be supporting our not for profit social enterprise at the same time.