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Believe in Yourself MP3

Believe in Yourself MP3

Mansukh Patel

High self-esteem and confidence are inherent within us all...

A consistent bestseller, Believe in Yourself, 2nd edition on CD, is an excellent resource - with remarkably effective insights to help you take charge of your life and make it exactly how you want it to be.

Discover how attitude is everything, along with key techniques to increase self-belief and self-image. The power to change your life is with you right now.

Believe in Yourself features the powerful introspection technique, that enables you to take literally any part of your day and re-write it exactly as you would prefer.

Track 1: The secret of self-esteem - 5.02 mins

Track 2: The creative power of introspection - 18.18 mins

Track 3: Make an appointment with yourself - 4.47 mins

Track 4: Your perfect self-image - 5.33 mins

Track 5: Self-awareness - 2.36 mins

Track 6: Self-love - 3.16 mins

Track 7: Gratitude - 3.13 mins

Track 8: The power of your mind - 2.55 mins

Track 9: Actualisation - 8.33 mins

Track 10: Perseverance - 2.46 minutes

Track 11: Conclusion - 3.03 minutes

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60 mins