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CD Dru Yoga for Stress Relief

CD Dru Yoga for Stress Relief

Dru Yoga for Stress Relief

This movement programme has been scientifically shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and increase energy, confidence and clear thinking. It’s equally useful in the workplace or at home.

The flowing movements of this Dru Yoga programme were used in research done at Bangor University, and are designed for people with little or no experience of yoga. Even a short practice can help reduce muscular and mental tension, so if you don’t have time to listen to the whole programme, just follow one track.


1   Welcome
2   Activations to warm up and stretch the body
3   Stress relief sequence – Dru Yoga EBR 1
4   Cat – flowing movements to ease back pain
5   Sphinx – relieve back pain and relax stiff shoulders
5   Bridge – movements for lower back and neck
6   Guided deep relaxation to melt away stress
7   Contact details
8   Important safety information

5 3175 010221

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