Chakra Dharanam MP3 - Part 1 |
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Chakra Dharanam MP3 - Part 1

Chakra Dharanam MP3 - Part 1

Chris Barrington

Dru Meditation's approach to the first 4 chakras - with outstanding preparatory movement & breathing techniques. Build strength, purpose and confidence as well as letting go of old emotional hurts.

In this recording you'll discover how the base chakras of the body are sources of tremendous potential and opportunity. Far from being the origin of problems like fear, sadness or anger, the base three chakras bring you the opportunity to live in a world of unlimited abundance, fullness and empowerment. 

You don't have to be a seasoned yoga or meditation practitioner to benefit from Chris' masterly approach to meditation. The secret to meditation lies primarily in your preparation, and this easy-to-use guided approach leads you effortlessly through ensuring your body and mind are relaxed, comfortable and energised... techniques you can use to improve many aspects of life, from meditations to meetings, music festivals to mealtimes.

And with this firm foundation of preparation, meditation into the great archetypes of consciousness we know as 'the chakras' becomes a remarkable experience of effortless transformation. See you on the 'inside'!

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65 mins