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Chakra Dharanam MP3 - Part 2

Chakra Dharanam MP3 - Part 2

Chris Barrington

For thousands of years yogis and mystics have used chakra meditation, concentration, and visualisations as a means to access their peak potential.

Includes the 4 higher chakras: The breath of light, awakening inner expansion, opening to true vision, connecting to the infinite.
Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Body awareness and movement
Track 3: Breath awareness and expansion
Track 4: The breath of the earth
Track 5: Anahata Dharanam ii - the breath of light
Track 6: Vishuddhi Dharanam - awakening inner expansion
Track 7: Ajna Dharanam - opening to true vision
Track 8: Sahasrara Dharanam - connecting to the infinite

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65 mins