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Dynamic Relaxation with EBR 7

Dynamic Relaxation

Dynamic Relaxation with EBR 7

By Ruth Boaler

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This remarkable Dru relaxation helps you relax when all else has failed!

Dynamic relaxation methods involve very soothing movements, breath and visualisations to profoundly relax and re-energise your mind, your body and your emotions. Coupling movement with breath, you'll quickly find your relaxation response activated in such a healing way that your mind feels deeply refreshed, even while your body is moving.

And then Ruth takes you into a profound state of relaxation and stillness. And it works with just about everyone*, even if you've been so active you couldn't imagine settling into a relaxation.

Enjoy Ruth Boaler's inspiring voice as she leads you through the relaxation.


* NB: It's important to note that deep states of relaxation are not recommended for people following a mental health or trauma healing journey unless under proper guidance.


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