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Energy and Flow with EBR 4

Energy and Flow with EBR 4

Susan Kulas

For thousands of years yogis and mystics have used chakra meditation, concentration, and visualisations as a means to access their peak potential.

Includes the 4 higher chakras: The breath of light, awakening inner expansion, opening to true vision, connecting to the infinite.

Choose this easy-to-do Dru Yoga programme if you feel scattered by a busy day (or life!!!), or want to feel powerful and strong in body and mind.

Dru Yoga's remarkable grasp of the body-mind connection enables you to wash away the effects of hours of stress in moments.

In this yoga MP3, Susan Kulas has included:

• Activation

• Energy Block Release 4 sequence

• Warrior yoga posture

• Gesture of Inner Strength

• Empowering guided deep relaxation.

License type: 
Running time: 
50 mins