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Calm clear relaxed

John Jones and Andrew Wells

‘So simple yet empowering. 
I started the day tired and
 now I feel energised.’
 - Daniel, community development, NSW

Dru meditation DVD

Andrew Wells and Noelene Francis

As seen on Body in Balance TV, Sky 275

Soothe your mind and relax your emotions with this spectacularly filmed DVD.


Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford

Strengthen your body, relax your mind, open your heart.
This set of 9 body-mind yoga programmes will keep you relaxed, energised and empowered all day long.

Dru DVD - 2 set bundle

DVD bundle – Fitness Yoga DVD and Energy in Motion – 2 for £8 plus P+P, usually £25.98
These archive Dru Yoga DVDs contain 2 great classes to bring energy and balance to your body and mind – and are perfect for beginners to yoga. You’ll experience Energy Block Release 1, 4 Directions, Salutation to Dru, Warriors, Dru Power Sequence, the Success sequence as well as a meditation and 3 relaxations. You will also learn tips and guidelines to take your practice to another level, by exploring the unique aspects of Dru Yoga.

Energy in Motion

Annie Jones, Andrew Wells, featuring Mansukh Patel

Includes two of Dru's most popular sequences, Saluations to the Four Directions and Salute to Dru

Intermediate to Advanced

Feel great look radiant DVD

Coby Langford

Two body-mind Dru Yoga classes to make your feel great and look radiant. As seen on Sky TV.


Dru Yoga's Total Body Workout DVD will remove your stress, trim your weight and leave you feeling on top of the world! Filmed on Australia's glorious New South Wales coast, this hour long dvd takes you through a Dru Yoga class designed to regulate your metabolism, give you an aerobic workout, clear your stress and create deep relaxation.