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Calm Clear and Relaxed

Calm clear relaxed

Calm Clear and Relaxed

John Jones and Andrew Wells

‘So simple yet empowering. 
I started the day tired and
 now I feel energised.’
 - Daniel, community development, NSW

No matter how busy your day, this deeply relaxing Dru Yoga programme will soothe your body and calm your mind.
 Learn to let go of stress easily and think more clearly. 
Re-energise, feel great and enjoy life!

Chill out, relax, refresh, soothe your body and mind. As seen on Sky TV.

Calm, clear and relaxed - 52mins

  • Pre-class bonus - core stability 3:07
  • Activations 4:11
  • Energy Block Release  8:38

  • Energising breathing 1 - Windmill breath 1:10
  • Energsing breathing 2 - Power breath 1:00
  • Earth sequence 6:00
  • Vertical Alignment - standing meditation 0:50
  • Sitting forward bend 3:26
  • Cross-hemisphere alignment  7:30
  • Relaxation - brief 7:00
  • Relaxation 12:00


Total running time: 52 mins approx

Region: All


Language: English

Genre: Health/wellness

E = Exempt from classification

Filmed on location in NSW Australia

Distributed by:,