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Energy in Motion

Energy in Motion

Energy in Motion

Annie Jones, Andrew Wells, featuring Mansukh Patel

Includes two of Dru's most popular sequences, Saluations to the Four Directions and Salute to Dru

Intermediate to Advanced

A complete Dru Yoga home programme to energise, revitalise and wash away stress.
There are many ways you can take your yoga to another level. Allow three of Dru Yoga’s most experienced teachers to show you potent keys to the unique aspects of Dru Yoga that can deepen and enrich your experience, and give you more zest for life.
Contents and Practices

  • Part 1 Dru Yoga sequences
  • Activation
  • Energy Block Release 1
  • Four Directions sequence
  • Salutation to Dru
  • Spinal Wave sequence
  • Energy Boost sequence
  • Relaxation
  • Meditation
  • Success sequence

Part 2 Tips and Guidelines
Running time: 43 minutes
Filmed in Snowdonia, North Wales



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