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Total Body Workout Dru Yoga DVD

Total Body Workout Dru Yoga DVD

Coby Langford and Krishna Patel

As seen on Body in Balance TV, Sky 275

Dru Yoga's Total Body Workout DVD will remove your stress, trim your weight and leave you feeling on top of the world! Filmed on Australia's glorious New South Wales coast, this hour long dvd takes you through a Dru Yoga class designed to regulate your metabolism, give you an aerobic workout, clear your stress and create deep relaxation.

Make sure you view the special bonus animation on core stability - one of the best introductions to core stability and how to keep your back in excellent health.




  • Pre-class bonus: Core stability
  • Activation
  • Energy Block Release 2
  • Body Preparations
  • Sun Sequence training
  • Sun Sequece fast practice
  • Shoulder stand
  • Fish
  • 5 min relaxation
  • 15 min relaxation


Part of the Dru Natural Weightloss series broadcast on Body in Balance, Sky TV channel 275