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Happy Vegan Christmas - Cooking with Love book and Christmas meal webinar

Cooking with Love and Christmas Vegan dinner webinar

Happy Vegan Christmas - Cooking with Love book and Christmas meal webinar

Keith Squires

‘Cooking with Love’ means just that—turning an everyday activity into something magical. 

In this special package you will receive:

  • Cooking with Love recipe book (398 pages, normally £19.99)
  • Vegan Cookery Webinar - How To Cook a Complete Plant-based Christmas Dinner (45mins, normally £12.50)

More than a cookbook

Well, first of all, you'll enjoy more than 100 easy to follow recipes. And then, ‘Cooking with Love’ takes you on a journey through the history of food—the origins of ingredients, their fascinating stories and legends. You’ll learn about nutrition and the ‘yoga’ of food. Ancient Ayurvedic principles are explained in a refreshing and entertaining way. As well as all the recipes, you'll discover tips, techniques and knowledge that will change the way you think about food forever.

Whether you love cooking already or find it a chore, we hope this book will help you rediscover the magic of food.

Download sample chapters >

More than a cooking lesson

Treat yourself to a delicious, freshly cooked, natural and nutritious vegan meal that every single member of the family will want to enjoy. In this webinar, plant-based chef Keith Squires will take you through step-by-step recipes with tips and instructions for a totally delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner. A one-stop event with everything you need—from an initial shopping list to final garnish. More details >

How it works

When you purchase this package, you'll be shipped the Cooking with Love book, and you'll receive an email with a 100% discount code for the webinar. See you in your kitchen soon!


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