The Dance between Joy and Pain |
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The Dance between Joy and Pain

Dance between Joy and Pain

The Dance between Joy and Pain

Mansukh Patel, Rita Goswami, Chris Barrington, Savitri MacCuish & Louise Rowan

Foreword by Janet Attwood - New York Times best selling co-author 

The best-selling guide to emotional mastery - revised and expanded

Whatever your aims and aspirations are in life, you need passion and emotional balance to help you get there.  Let this best selling book be your guide. It's filled with practical, easy to learn tips, tools and techniques that have already helped thousands of people.  It's one of those treasures you discover and want to pass on to everyone you know - a goldmine of priceless knowledge to help:

  • use the phenomenal power of your emotions to work for you
  • live an energised, creative, balanced, effective, joyful life
  • build self esteem, improve relationships and much, much more ...

In this revised and expanded edition you'll find the following chapters:

Part 1 Dance of the Emotions

Part 2 Mastering the Dance

  • Fear to Courage
  • Jealousy to Inner Security
  • Depression to Self Empowerment
  • Anger to Creativity & Dynamism
  • Greif to Renewal
  • Hatred to Forgiveness & Love
  • Rejection to Self Love
  • Judgement to Compassion
  • Guilt to Freedom
  • Loneliness to Belonging
  • Crisis to Transformation
  • Dance with Joy
  • The Dance goes on
  • Index of Techniuqes
  • Appendix

'This brilliant book has become my close friend - always ready to give me the pearls I need at the perfect time.'

- Janet Bray Attwood New York Times bestselling co-author of The Passion Test


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