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Posted on 12 April, 2020
Feel full of joy, abundance and creative as you use the energy of spring to step forward in your life.
Posted on 11 April, 2020
Jane describes the importance of reflection and reminds us of the introspection technique which empowers us to change and grow.

Posted on 10 April, 2020
Pursed lip breath - simple technique as recommended by British Lung Foundation. Please pass on to family and friends. Great way to tone the respiratory system and a wonderful preventative as it also gently increases your Agni. Have a Prana filled day and lots of love to you all xxx
Posted on 8 April, 2020
The purpose of the windmill is to open your chest and expand it so that you breath more openly and deeply. I also strengthen the diaphragm, stretches the neck muscles and loosens up the shoulder blades.

stage 1
Listen and follow Christiane as she teaches you how to synchronise your breath with a gentle twist.
stage 2
Raise the right arm, then the left - a relaxed front crawl without the water! Note the simple pause between twists where you can simply hold of the breath momentarily. Keep working with the right side for a few breaths. Conciously opening and expanding the right side of your lungs

stage 3
Raise the right arm, then the left - a relaxed front crawl without the water! Note the simple pause between twists where... more
Posted on 6 April, 2020
Even when life pulls us from our calm centre, we can return to our place of inner stillness-druvam. Jane shares the Savitri premium and explains how every day we have a new chance to be in our centre and serve the world.

Posted on 5 April, 2020
Amazing Christiane explains how big the capacity of our lungs is and how important it is to breathe fully and deeply.
The pigeon breath is a pranayama technique which helps us to become calm and peaceful.

Posted on 2 April, 2020
Aren’t we lucky?
Last few weeks we’ve had access to Dru’s top teachers giving us golden techniques for free!... more
Posted on 31 March, 2020
Exploring how you can bring nature inside today by connecting to the elements. Create a sacred space with each of the elements.
Also join us tomorrow for live event streamed from Dru Centre in Snowdonia: Yoga Philosophy with Rita Goswami (one of the founders of Dru). Link in bio!

Posted on 27 March, 2020
Chandra explains the meaning of alignment in Dru Yoga, and how to create some positive alignment moments during your day.