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Posted on 3 October, 2021
In Dru's Post Graduate Advanced Practitioner Course we explore how yoga postures and sequences give you the power to access your highest You.  We're looking forward to seeing you!

Posted on 3 October, 2021
In Dru's Post Graduate Advanced Practitioner Course we explore each of the five layers of awareness, body, subtle energy, emotions, knowings/understandings and connectedness. Andrew introduces you to the power of accessing your pranic or subtle energy body. 
  Discover the Advanced Practitioner Journey >
We're looking forward to seeing you!

Posted on 3 October, 2021
Here's some insights into why it's so crucial to be accomplished in exploring your physical body if you are to be adept at using yoga to redesign your consciousness, emotions, prana and body. Start your Advanced Yoga Journey > This is just one part of what you can expect from Dru's Post Graduate Advanced Practitioner Diploma course. We hope this is helpful!

Posted on 15 September, 2021
Do you ever feel that you are fraying at the edges? Do you just want to scream or cry or both because you feel so tired? If your answer is yes to any of these questions – I know where you’re coming from. I have been there too!  I teach students online. Don’t get me wrong - I love my job and my students are truly wonderful human beings. But sometimes anxieties of the dreaded exams get in the way of enjoyment of learning and teaching. Then it can get just that tad wearing and all-consuming for both student and teacher. So at the end of a day of teaching online, I can sometimes feel I’m wearing a jacket - 2 sizes too small for me - and my neck and shoulders feel constricted with my muscles clenched. My hands too can feel tight and tired. In the past, I have tried to remedy these feelings by... more

Posted on 8 July, 2021
Jane and Andrew explore the advantages of Dru Relaxation and Nidra - in depth!
Discover how it boosts your physical body, as well as putting your pranic and emotional bodies back into the flow of life. When you cease being activating to your body-mind system it begins to relax back into its natural state. And within that you have access to the natural currents of life force and vitality throughout body, emotions, mind and soul. 
We're talking about our Total Relaxation Escape retreat, and look forward to meeting you there!

Posted on 25 June, 2021
When life feels like it's opening up again we sooo need to keep in touch with who we are and where we're going. For that we'll need meditation, and for that we'll need relaxation! With good relaxation we can access the deep stillness in which we know our purpose, in which we know what's important and how much we love our friends and family.
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Posted on 25 June, 2021
We normally think we do relaxation for ourselves. But what if we can do it for others - or even with others? Ready to get outrageous? Here's some thoughts of how to relax together that might have you and your friends hitting the earth on a hillside nearby.

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Posted on 25 June, 2021
Andrew introduces how relaxation can not only transform uncomfortable emotions, from months upon months in lockdown, it can help you cultivate the brilliant emotions that make people want to hang out with you. Joyfulness, love, stillness, and deep connection.
Enjoy an incredible retreat: Total Relaxation Escape >


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Posted on 15 December, 2020
“Change only happens in the present moment. The past is already done. The future is just energy and intention.” ― Kino MacGregor
  Understanding our habits and the functioning of our brain  According to some psychologists, 95% of our daily actions are habitual. This means that most of our actions happen automatically. Like getting up in the morning, brushing your teeth, driving your car, these are all things we do every day without even thinking about it. Remember that we live in a distracting world and our brain has a natural tendency to go into automatic pilot. This is when our subconscious drives our behavior, and we are less active in the process of making choices about how we act. The great news is that our yoga practice brings us a greater awareness of these driving... more
Posted on 3 December, 2020
“My training in yoga gave me the courage to set up Dru Yoga in Leeds and train over 200 people"

Mona Fairholme  Listen to the full interview here > or read the highlights below.  Radha: I know from visiting you in Leeds...it was incredible to feel the warmth and love between the team you have created there.  Mona: Yes it's a joy to see people change and step into their personal power. Radha: Was there a moment where you decided - yes I want to dedicate my life to this? Mona: Yes, it was teaching a whole group at a time. I wanted to reach more people than I was doing as a reflexologist; training in yoga enables you to teach a lot of people a skill they can use to help themselves.  Radha: It’s an answer to our yearning to really help people isn't it people are... more