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Posted on 9 August, 2016
Oh! the joys of looking after the human body! When we are young, it all seems so easy. We hardly seem to have to do anything to keep the body balanced, and can stay up late, eat and drink whatever we want, work hard and play hard. Well, the news is that Newton’s law of cause and affect influences us all. In other words, there is no getting away with anything. Bad habits will catch up with us at some point! Health is not just the absence of disease, it is also about feeling happy, energised and in love with life. What are the symptoms of great health? Here are a few: friendly and happy sleep well and wake up feeling rested and fresh good mental performance low incidence of ill health long life span
So what are the keys to look out for to keep the Anamaya Kosha happy... more
Posted on 9 August, 2016
What is Prana? It is more than the air we breathe. Prana is the universal principle of energy or force. It is the sum total of all energy manifest in the universe, all forces in nature, and the powers which are hidden in all beings and lie everywhere around us. There are 3 main ways to harness this invisible force. The air we breathe The food we eat Sunlight The word 'pranayama' translates as the science of breath. It is the most powerful way to harness your innate life force.  You can look after this part of your system and keep it fit by being aware of your breathing. Take time to observe your breath as you walk, as you sit, while at work and upon awakening. Practice breathing deeply. It is known that by consciously breathing with depth, you can maintain a calm mind and balanced... more
Posted on 9 August, 2016
We so often feel that we are at the mercy of our emotions. This is not the case! Our circumstances may not always be under our control, but the way we respond to life and how we react emotionally most definitely is.  Like our muscles, however, our emotions need training. We need to observe how we respond or react to circumstances and then find tools to re-train ourselves. When unpleasant events occur, we can either choose to hang onto the pain or else to: Let it go Transform it Address it with confidence, or with the help of a friend One of the most effective tools I have ever come across to help manage my emotions (Manomaya kosha) was given to me by my mentor, Dr Mansukh Patel, over 30 years ago. I have used it every day ever since. It is the process of introspection. It is also... more
Posted on 9 August, 2016
What a revelation that you can train the intellect and actively learn to choose the way you think from moment to moment. This really puts us in the driving seat of our lives. We are no longer victims of what is happening to us! Fantastic! 

The practice I would like to share to help keep this kosha healthy is that of goal setting. Every evening I set my goals for the next day. It is a great feeling as I re-call the day and tick off what has been achieved and then focus on what is to come. Having a plan creates a feeling of confidence and control. Having a purpose and a vision for our life is key to our ultimate health and harmony! Below I've written some of my thoughts for you to play with when you sit at night with your notebook to plan the day ahead.   This process is... more
Posted on 9 August, 2016
There are 1440 minutes in a day. How many times have you heard yourself say – ‘I simply do not have enough time to be still and relax’. We have enough time; I think it is more about what we choose to do with our time. When we allow magical moments to unfold by nourishing this part of ourselves, more time reveals itself, strangely enough. It is a wild phenomenon!
There are as many ways to keep this part of us healthy as there are human beings on the planet! Meditation and prayer are probably two of the most powerful ways. Being in nature is also a profound tool to nourish the Anandamaya kosha.   I want to share one particular method with you, and that is the power of mantra. Mantra comes from the word ‘manas’ – the mind. One of mantra's primary functions is to harness... more
Posted on 8 August, 2016
Here are some ways to enhance your yoga practice and make it even more potent. In Dru Yoga we often talk about the koshas, or layers of the body (physical, energy, emotional, mental and bliss). In this video, I describe the different layers of the koshas and how you can use them to deepen your yoga experience.

 Five layers of the koshas Annamaya kosha - the physical layer Pranamaya kosha - the breath and energy layer Manomaya kosha - the emotional and mental layer        Vijnanamaya kosha - the intellectual and higher thinking layer Anandamaya kosha - the spiritual, bliss or ‘centre of peace’ layer   Let us explore the manomaya kosha The third layer, or manomaya kosha, is crucial in helping us to stay happy and emotionally balanced. 'Manas' means mind and ... more
Posted on 14 March, 2016
This powerful yet gentle yoga posture is classed as an inversion, but for those of us who think ‘up-side-down’ means head stands, wheels and peacocks; this posture is most definitely a welcome relief! Annie Jones has been practicing this posture for years: “Vipariti Karani is one of my favourite postures, indeed, the whole of my personal yoga practice builds up to this point. I find it calms the mind and seems to create space around my thoughts – giving me the perspective and time to think. It’s said to be beneficial in preventing conditions such as alzheimer’s as well as helping us to keep our minds... more
Posted on 6 November, 2015
I've always loved the cat posture because of the way it combines utter simplicity and ease with profound results. It's just about the best back toner you'll come across, and if you can get it right, you can use it as a tool for clearing emotional blocks stored all along the spine. And there's even more... and if you can get that right, you can use it as an aid to bringing vibrant clarity to your consciousness in meditation... Read on for all the details!   How to do the cat posture Dru Yoga cat posture, marjariasana Essentially this... more