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Posted on 14 September, 2021
Welcome to the inspiring masterclass on Harnessing the Power of Purpose! Join Andrew Wells and Nan Marshall as they take you through kriyas of the mind and of the body to open your awareness to the power of your inner purpose. With this, you can change your world! Book now >


Posted on 22 August, 2021
What were the highlights of your summer? Remembering our highlight moments does more than just give us a buzz. It actually plugs us back into the reality of who we are, giving us a boost that's way, way more than just a few chemicals. How does this work? Let's explore!

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Posted on 17 August, 2021
What is Bhakti Yoga, and how can it help us on our journey of self-discovery? Paul Krystall and Jane Clapham explain: Yoga helps to harmonize our body, mind and spirit, or in other words, to unite our human selves with our true spiritual selves.  And Bhakti Yoga is one of the four major yogic paths often known as the path of love.

Chris Barrington, one of the senior Dru Yoga teachers says ‘Bhakti is a lifestyle choice. It is choosing to live your life in such a way that you let love dominate everything’.  It is living with a focus of deep and intense love for that which you value most in life. In many of the traditional yoga lineages, this love was a love for God. But it can also be finding the love inside of you, finding that which makes your... more

Posted on 17 August, 2021
Mansukh's, father Chagganbhai Patel, (we call him 'Dad' in the Dru team), was fond of the visualisation of a mountain as a way of understanding the path to spiritual connection. There are many rivers on this mountain, many paths to expressing our spirituality. And all of them teach us ways to discover our Self, the origin of all self nurture.  Here Andrew explores a way of understanding how to arrive at the greatest experience of self nuture - real connection with your inner Self, using the analogy of a mountain stream. 

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Posted on 21 July, 2021
Many set off on the quest for enlightenment because they have a sense, an inkling, that it is important... but in truth not many pursue it! Why? Distractions of all sorts: relationships, material possessions, the monkey mind etc. Lack of discipline  Lack of faith Lack of commitment  Lack of the right teacher We are human, born into human bodies and subject to all sorts of distractions on a daily basis. We are full of desires of all sorts, many of which turn into anger when they are not fulfilled. We are often so busy that our spiritual practices get put to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list, sometimes dropping off altogether. We have moments of belief in our spiritual quest, particularly when we are gathered with others on the same path, but also many moments of doubt. We are... more
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