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Posted on 11 December, 2020
Posted on 7 December, 2020
Sometimes it’s hard to prioritise yoga meditation and taking care of our health. Why not look into the future and see what is going to make the biggest difference to the quality of your life, and make sure you prioritise those things.
Posted on 4 December, 2020
Posted on 2 December, 2020
Be fearless and don’t tie up your passion and energy in things that aren’t supporting you. Choose where you place your energy. :-)
Posted on 30 November, 2020
In these times of eclipses, lockdowns, rain and family challenges, how can we identify with our eternal shining spirit, as described in the ancient spiritual texts? Jane explains how chapter 8 of the Gita gives insights about how we can experience the joy of our supreme self.
Posted on 27 November, 2020
Posted on 25 November, 2020
Make sure you’re able to keep perspective on the beautiful bright white canvas rather than the tiny black dots...
Posted on 20 November, 2020

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Posted on 15 November, 2020
Loving you is so easy, dear Lord...Your love is everywhere, in everything... When we gaze at the sun setting over the water, we see Your glory before us Looking at an autumn leaf on the ground, we see Your care and attention to detail. The tiniest spider exploring the bathtub permits us to see Your beauty Looking up at the sky above us we see Your magnificence! When waves crash against rocks and thunder rumbles and roars, we hear Your power Each songbird conveys Your sweetness, each crow Your persistence, each goose in flight, Your determination And on rare occasions we are filled with awe when You fly overhead as a swan! We are thrilled by Your enigmatic presence as a kingfisher flashes past Feeling the Earth beneath our feet we touch Your steadfastness As the dogs and cats... more
Posted on 13 November, 2020