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Posted on 10 September, 2020
If the Yamas were all about putting our foot on the brake pedal then the Niyamas are about putting our foot on the accelerator! The first of the Niyamas is Saucha, meaning purity or cleanliness. This refers to both the body and the mind. Keeping the body clean is not simply about washing thoroughly every day, it also involves taking exercise and ‘eating clean’. Obviously our yoga movements and sequences help to remove blockages and to keep the body in good condition. Getting out in the fresh air helps to purify our lungs, our blood and all our internal systems. Equally important is a good diet of freshly prepared food avoiding processed foods as much as possible. Taking a shower not only cleans the outside of our bodies but can also help to wash away any ‘bad energy’ we might have... more
Posted on 4 September, 2020
Let’s start at the very beginning...Patanjali was a wise dude who lived in India a long time ago and who knew a lot about yoga! He passed on his wisdom through his Yoga Sutras. A sutra is a useful device, a short burst of words which is able to convey an awful lot to the listener or reader. He also usefully put together a simple structure for those of us on our yogic path which we call the Eight Limbs of Yoga: The Eight Limbs of Yoga are:  Yamas Niyamas Asana Pranayama Pratyahara Dharanam Dhyana Samadhi  The Yamas are composed of restraints which help us to effectively "control" or direct our life.  The Yamas are: Ahimsa (non-violence), Satyam (truth), Aparigraha (not wanting what others have), Brahmacharya (building energy), and Asteya (not stealing) The Niyamas give us... more
Posted on 21 August, 2020
Posted on 14 August, 2020
Exploring the teachings of karma yoga.
Posted on 7 August, 2020
De-clutter and keeping organised is an important way to keep your energy aligned and in harmony.

Posted on 3 August, 2020
Posted on 31 July, 2020
Posted on 29 July, 2020
Posted on 26 July, 2020
Enjoy this discovery of the part of your mind that gives you energy and the ability to transform... and great tips for how to convert too much fire into passionate empowerment that inspires people to be with you.
Posted on 24 July, 2020
How to make your life work! Do the things that need to be done - and don't do what doesn't!!