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Posted on 18 December, 2020
So many of our students and friends have loved ones nearing the end of life, or who have recently passed onwards - and we are sending so much love to you. It's one of the most challenging experiences any of us will have - difficult, hard, and often filled with incredible transcendence and beauty.  I've tried to give an overview of much we've learnt over the years, hoping it will help you make the best of this precious, precious time. It's a summary of our Living with the End of Life course, to give you an idea of what's possible if you dive deeper into this incredible time. May this video bring you peace, and give you enough ideas that you can find profound love and fulfilment, even amidst all the difficulties.

Posted on 14 December, 2020
The Gita teaches us that everything we are looking for outside lies within. Jane shares her experiences of discovering that inner secret. 
Posted on 11 December, 2020
Posted on 7 December, 2020
Sometimes it’s hard to prioritise yoga meditation and taking care of our health. Why not look into the future and see what is going to make the biggest difference to the quality of your life, and make sure you prioritise those things.
Posted on 4 December, 2020
Posted on 2 December, 2020
Be fearless and don’t tie up your passion and energy in things that aren’t supporting you. Choose where you place your energy. :-)
Posted on 30 November, 2020
In these times of eclipses, lockdowns, rain and family challenges, how can we identify with our eternal shining spirit, as described in the ancient spiritual texts? Jane explains how chapter 8 of the Gita gives insights about how we can experience the joy of our supreme self.
Posted on 27 November, 2020
Posted on 25 November, 2020
Make sure you’re able to keep perspective on the beautiful bright white canvas rather than the tiny black dots...
Posted on 20 November, 2020