Posted on 13 May, 2020
Posted on 10 May, 2020
After a Julie Andrew’s ‘esque’ moment I started to consider... what are some of my favourite things?
How about you? What are some of your simple moments of connection today?

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Posted on 9 May, 2020
Two important concepts from Advaita Vedanta are Satyam and Mitya, as they help explain what our true nature is and what has been super-imposed upon us.  Satyam is that which is real beyond the three  phases of time.  It is beyond time and space, eternal and permanent.  Mitya is neither truth, neither false, but it is an apparent reality that depends on Satyam for its existence.  And it is Impermanent.   So how do we apply these important concepts in our lives and how does it benefit us to understand them?
Swami Chinmayananda was asked what is the most important thing people should know.  His answer was ‘shut up and get out’.  The interviewer was shocked, but Swami laughed and said she should understand to shut up your mind and get out of the misconception that you are the body.  ... more
Posted on 8 May, 2020
The magical moment of a first heartbeat

Posted on 6 May, 2020
Happy Dru Anniversary!
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Posted on 3 May, 2020
In this mornings session we contemplate on what fullness means to us (and I don’t mean after a big lunch!) Completeness and a sense of deep inner connection is the essence of the Sanskrit word poornam or fullness.
Learn a powerful technique to get quickly into a state of poornam using the great word ‘aum’. #drutransformation #druyoga #druyogaonline #togetherathome
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Posted on 30 April, 2020
Change your level of consciousness by ‘thanking’