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Posted on 28 October, 2020
This prayer written by the theologian Reinhold Niebuhr in 1951 has inspired me for many years:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
Posted on 26 October, 2020
Jane shares her life lessons to keep healthy balanced and joyful during lockdown and when the nights get very dark. Eternal wisdom for a modern world!
Posted on 24 October, 2020
Posted on 23 October, 2020

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Posted on 19 October, 2020
A couple of weeks ago I had a tricky week, a change in medication sparked off some considerable physical, emotional and mental discomfort, yet there is always a lesson to be learned when we experience difficulties and challenges. And the lesson has been very profound, indeed so profound that I feel I must share it. One of my teachers taught me to ‘Share your wisdom, not your suffering’ and on the whole I adhere to that teaching. At the moment there is so much suffering being shared on the media that it is impossible to avoid it; maybe even if we switched off everything and lived in our own little bubble some of us would still ‘feel’ the suffering as it is so intense. So when I started to suffer myself that week (no fever, no cough fortunately) I found that every time I became even... more
Posted on 16 October, 2020
Posted on 13 October, 2020
The five layers of your being, by using just 5 mudras with affirmation and awareness.

Our hands are our gifts of bringing our lives into action and our fingers are energetic tools to greater health and happiness.
Posted on 12 October, 2020
Posted on 12 October, 2020
Making the most of the changing seasons by tuning into Navratri or the nine nights of the goddess. The first three days are dedicated to Durga, the second three days are to Lakshmi and the third to Saraswati.
Posted on 9 October, 2020