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Doshas in the supermarket - kapha

Join us on another journey to the supermarket whilst we discover the world of kapha, with the fantastic Keith Squires!

Last but not least, we take a look at the slow but patient kaphas as they make their way around the supermarket.

Assortment of vegetables

Kapha types may feel too lazy to shop, but the overpowering need for food will soon change that.

They are also natural hoarders, so cupboards will be kept well stocked of goodies. They will choose a large trolley and slowly start moving through the store - possibly starting with good intentions as they may be on some sort of weight loss programme. They will soon fall into temptation and delicious breads, cakes, biscuits, dairy products will soon be generously loaded in.



The coffee shop cannot be resisted easily, the big loaded trolley will be parked up for a well earned treat.

There they may feel guilty about falling into temptation and the inevitable weight gain. This can make them a bit depressed so, to cheer themselves up, another sweet treat may be in order.

Kapha are the most patient customers and will not get upset easily, and are the most likely to enjoy the whole process. They will not be put out by vata types in the queue, but may retire back to the coffee shop if they have resisted the temptation so far.

Now when you next go shopping, take notice of the doshas and have fun!

Till next time, keep happy and healthy.


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