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How to live an ayurvedic lifestyle



In this fast moving World that we live in, where stress and worry have become such a 'normal' part of life – it is a relief to have a powerful 'tried and tested' tool kit available to keep us calm amidst the storm! With heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer and cancer ever on the rise, it is so important to know that there is a way to manage and even possibly avoid such life challenging events through this extraordinary science.

We invite you to immerse yourself into the magic and mystery of Ayurveda. It will not only keep you balanced but also keeps you connected to your true nature and conscious of the part you play within this magnificent universe! This is why a 9 day immersion is an essential 'must' for everyone at some point in their incarnation!

Nine days of blissful Ayurveda >

You don't have to take our word for it – here's what some of our students and tutors say about it.....


Let me introduce you to Peter Oliver – a medical practitioner who has discovered the benefit of Ayurveda not only for himself but for his clients as well...



...and Frani Wylde a physiotherapist from Australia – this is what she has to say about her experience of Ayurveda.



The tutors of the course also have their own story as to why they love Ayurveda!


Shona Sutherland, the head of the Ayurveda School offers a reflection on her many years of experience in Ayurveda and why it has become such an integral part of her life.



Janey Fitzgerald has been a GP for over 30 years and recognises Ayurveda to be the 'missing link' to really meeting the needs of different individuals who come to see her for health care.



And before you leave – here are a few tips from Katharina Albers who is also one of our tutors on how to sleep better.


We look forward to seeing you for an amazing journey into Ayurveda and into you unique life.

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