Discovering your Inner Sovereign |


Discovering your Inner Sovereign

In this meditation, Andrew guides you into an experience of light, the light of your own greatness. 

When we touch the reality of this light, which we all have within, it's possible to add enormously to the welfare of others. 

Join Andrew in using that light to add empowerment to the onward journey of the soul we honour as Queen Elizabeth, and then go on to invite that same light to brighten the lives of all who are focused on her life at the moment. 

Discovering your Inner Sovereign

We each have a strength within which the mystics of every tradition recognise as our inner sovereign. And nearly every human society places a person in a position of apex recognition, as Queen or King, President, Governor or Head of State. Charles III is now walking into that position.

Andrew invites you to consider what this means for us. How can we help our society become clearer and more compassionate as a result? How can we add our meditation to make a difference for anyone finding themselves in the position of Head of State?

And how can all of this help us discover our Inner Sovereign, and make a difference to the world around us?


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