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Dru Meditation - the Grounding Breath

In today's world we can often feel scattered, not able to find clarity or any certainty in life. There may be nothing particularly traumatic or stressful in our immediate circumstances, but we just feel unsettled and unsure of our direction in life. In itself, this can create stress.

The grounding breath will help bring steadiness to your mind, giving you greater clarity and certainty. If you practice the grounding breath regularly, you may begin to find stresses of yesterday no longer hassling you today.

Grounding breath meditation

  • Sit with your spine upright and in a comfortable position and relaxed. If you are sitting in a chair, keep your legs parallel; feet flat on the floor or on a rolled up mat.
  • Close your eyes and for a few breaths, become very interested in your breath as it comes in and out of your body.
  • Follow the passage of your breath with your awareness, moving inwards down to your lungs and outwards back up and out. After you become comfortable with this moving flow of awareness, extend it right through your body.
  • As you breathe in, take your awareness all the way down through your body to the ground beneath you. And as you breathe out, bring your awareness back up through your body. Try not to change your breathing in any way, just allow your awareness to move up and down through your body as your breath comes in and out.
  • At the end of the next in-breath, allow your awareness to rest on the ground for a moment before returning through the body.
  • Repeat this a few more times, until you feel a calm steadiness wash all over you.
  • Invite your awareness to rise through the body for the last time and become aware of your surroundings and your position on the chair or floor.  Become aware of your body and allow your breath to return to normal and begin to notice the sounds in the room.

When you have completed the grounding breath, sit for a few moments and notice how much calmer your mind and body feel. Imagine how you might feel if you practice this simple breathing exercise every day.


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