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Keys to a resilient and joyful mind

Welcome to the 2022 Dru Meditation Challenge!

You’re now part of a worldwide community of people dedicated to deepening our meditation practice. Together we will build up a powerful meditation practice to create inner stability, strength and joy, to navigate a changing world. And doesn’t the world need that light and stability right now?

The Practical Details:

  • The training starts on Tuesday 1st March. Each day, you’ll get a motivational email with the next stage of the meditation practice, with a reminder of the live session later in the day.

  • Every morning at 11.00 am, UK time, we will get together for the 30-minute lecture and meditation session. If you can’t watch it live, don’t worry, you can watch the replay later. (Check back here for the links to the live sessions)
  • We’ll be connecting and sharing tips and inspiration on our private Facebook group. Please join by clicking here and use the code DRUMED22 to join.
Please commit to putting aside 20 minutes either in the evening or morning to practise what we have done together! 


Download the free accompanying journal

Meditation challenge journal cover

Throughout the challenge, we will be inviting you to reflect on your daily practice through the use of this journal. There is space for you to write your notes and reflections for each day as well as a suggestion of how to apply the session into your life. (Click here for high res print version)

Download Journal


What is Dru Meditation?

Dru Meditation is based on ancient practices originating in the yogic tradition of the Vedas. It synthesizes this traditional wisdom with a modern, practical approach which makes it accessible without losing any of the depth and authenticity of its core. This meditation challenge will give you a powerful experience of the transforming power of meditation. We will also introduce you to the Meditation Mastery course, starting a little later in March 2022.


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