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Posted on 5 August, 2023
At Snowdonia Mountain Lodge we have just celebrated the 24th anniversary of the lighting of the World Peace Flame and my heart and mind go back 20 years to one of my early connections with the World Peace Flame Foundation. It was during one of my visits to Europe from the States. Gijs, a well-established member of the Dru team in The Netherlands, very kindly invited me to stay with him in his chalet.  It was a very hot summer and the sun, although a blessing to some of the sun-starved Europeans, had not been so kind to the paintwork on the chalet and it badly needed attention. So we bought paint and brushes, hired scaffolding, and set to work. Itr wasn't long before we were painting other chalets on the site too. And word soon spread further afield around the neighbourhood. Requests for... more