World Peace Flame Meditation for the Ukraine |


World Peace Flame Meditation for the Ukraine

Join Andrew in the World Peace Flame meditation, with the important addition of building bridges of love to form a matrix of light before you start. Now your individual meditation can arise from a much larger feeling of connectedness and support. 

In a world that needs love, you are such an important part of the answer!

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11 Mar, 2022
We are such a long way here in NZ but as the dawning of the new day - long before the sun's rays reach our shores to begin the new day I will be praying deeply for those in such great need - Om Shanti
10 Mar, 2022
Julia coates
Thank you
9 Mar, 2022
Thank you so much Andrew
7 Mar, 2022
Nicky Smith
Thank you Andrew, simple yet transformational. Will add this to my morning practice with my World Peace Flame lantern all the way in Western Australia.
6 Mar, 2022
Om Shanti Andrew very grateful for this meditation loving kindness practice in daily life for all humanity on Earth for world Peace. Sydney, Australia
5 Mar, 2022
Thankyou Andrew a simple but beautiful empowering meditation - i am dedicating my Monday class to raise funds for medical aid and would like to use this meditation for my class if you don’t mind I’m hoping that way it will give the class a feeling of empowerment that they are are doing something to make make a difference
5 Mar, 2022
Thank you for sending this mediation . I am so grateful for this and am using it throughout each day,