Becoming an Abundant Yogi - part 1 |


Becoming an Abundant Yogi - part 1

becoming an abundant yogiCan you be a yogi and have money?

Over the years there seems to developed a stigma that money and yoga are mutually exclusive - you can’t have money and be happy… Indeed, that yoga is all about giving - rather than receiving… And yet, conversely, that there is also the Law of Attraction which states you can have anything you want - and be happy about it! 

For me, this dichotomy created an inner conflict, a doubt if you will; “Am I truly deserving of wealth and abundance?” The yogi side of me clearly says; “I don’t need money to be happy”. And yet money is what makes my world go round, what provides me with security and what, with a bit of saving up, can give me my rewards (including my favourite Pina Colada on a sunny beach…)

So, how do we become open to receiving the abundance of the universe?

This month on the Studio we are delighted to share a yoga based sequence to introduce us to the archetype of the goddess of abundance, Lakshmi. Lakshmi is said to be the goddess that grants us total abundance in our lives - and not just at the ‘mundane’ level of money. Indeed the concept of Lakshmi is about so much more. Imagine having total abundance in your life; loving relationships, a beautiful home, vibrant health, a great car… How about an abundance of ideas, time, joy and happiness… In fact ANYTHING that is based here in the manifest world is said to be created and granted by the energy of the Goddess of Abundance.

Of course there are many such archetypes in ancient mythology; from the Roman goddess, Venus and the Buddhist’s Green Tara, all the way through to Freyja and Brigid, they all represent the abundant nature of the sacred feminine. And this month we learn a new sequence to tap in to and embrace that abundance.

Lakshmi Namaskara with Annie Jones can help you to tap into the energy within you that brings forth abundance. And here’s where the Law of Attraction comes in… If you think abundant thoughts - guess what - you’ll start to attract the opportunities to make you even more abundant! The sticking point is if you’re holding on too tight to embrace the new opportunities that come your way…

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got…”

Here I quote Einstein and Henry Ford who both said; “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got…” It makes logical sense. If you want your circumstances to become better - that means implementing a CHANGE from where you are right now. But, if you hold on to what you’ve got, you’re creating a restriction and therefore, at a fundamental level, that change to bring in abundance can’t happen. 


The energy of abundance, therefore, is one of flow. It is a conscious opening up of our minds and emotions to the universe and to others around us. Join us this week as we explore Lakshmi Namaskara and invite the energy of radiant abundance into your life :-) 

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    Lakshmi NamaskaraLakshmi Namaskara with Annie Jones
    Tap in to your inner abundance! Whether you're looking for financial stability or vibrant health, Lakshmi Namaskara can help you be open to new and exciting opportunities for abundance in all areas of your life.




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    12 Nov, 2018
    If you haven't tried out this Lakshmi Namaskara class yet - it's definitely worth it. Bring a feeling of abundance and joy to every single layer of your body and mind :-)
    2 Nov, 2018
    Really looking forward to trying this.