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Dru Meditation for Headaches

We all experience headaches at one time or another, but for some the pain can be so great that they cannot function. The pain literally brings tears to their eyes. If this is you, try this Dru Yoga tip for life, Meditation for Headaches. Pain medications can be effective, but often carry side effects or work for a limited time and with a limited dosage, so it is useful to have other ways of managing the sensations.

In her book, A Journey to Peace through Yoga, Lynnette Dickinson describes a meditation that has helped her to manage the intense headaches that have frequently threatened to overwhelm her life.  She tells her story of managing the symptoms of MS with Dru Yoga and meditation.

Meditation for headaches

  • Sit very still, as upright as you can (supported by cushions is good) or lying on your back if that is more comfortable.
  • Slow your breath rate until you feel stillness in your mind.
  • Soften and broaden your vision, so that your mind relaxes.
  • At the same time allow your face to relax.
  • Gently close your eyes, keeping your gaze soft and your mind relaxed.
  • As you sit in this stillness, you may feel it spread through your body.
  • Encourage your body and your mind to let go with each breath out.
  • Imagine you are breathing space into the sensation of the headache, and allow the space to expand with each breath.
  • Stay in this place for as long as you can and enjoy the feeling of space inside your mind.
  • When you are ready to return to your life, rub your hands together and cover your eyes.
  • Open your eyes into the darkness of your palms, allowing your eyes to absorb the warmth.
  • Gently allow in the light while you massage your face and scalp.

Take your time and relax into the stillness, allowing yourself time to re-balance. This meditation can be practiced as often as needed through your day, as a complement to the tools you already use and/or simply as a meditation for its own sake. If the headaches continue, seek the advice of your health practitioner.


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